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Info! Support 155 + Trading markets around the world.

Easy to install

Is an extension for the Google Chrome browser. Is moderated securely by Chrome Store.

Effective when trading

Help you track hundreds of charts at the same time, supporting all exchanges around the world.

Synchronize the

Real-time data and automatically synchronize favorite settings and charts between your browsers.

24/7 Support

Try out the full feature for 15 days, then if you find it useful you only need to support us for only $3 per month.


You have 15 days of free trial of the tool, if you find it useful please pay a small fee for us to continue maintaining the tool.


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  • Use all the features.
  • Sometimes will be chatting with experts.


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  • Chat with experts anytime.
  • Occasionally receive trading signals from experts


12 Month
  • Chat with experts anytime.
  • Regularly receive trading signals from experts.

Referring to a friend, you will get an additional 15 days of use.

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